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Got my ugly cry on!

Yesterday morning at approximately 11:45 am I had one of the most incredible experiences of my life! NO, I didn’t go skydiving (although I have done that!) and no, I didn’t win a million dollars (still hopeful!) but what I did do was go for a run with my team (myles) and ran 3 minutes on and […]

Today’s weight is

Today’s weight is: 176.1 lbs Welcome to my portion of the Team Myles blog! I’m so glad you could make it, settle in and get comfy. I hope to make this blog as genuine and honest as possible, and I hope you enjoy reading it. If you don’t, please feel free to throw tomatoes at […]

Mixed emotions


<img When Devin told us Tuesday past that it was our last hill night, I couldn’t help but feel sad (who would’ve thunk it!) I’m not sure if I’ll ever have the motivation to run up and down Citadel Hill again without Devin, Cindy and the crew! Although I’m a bit depressed about this all […]

Here comes the sun

Training is getting pretty darn real these days. We are at the point that I think if I was asked to run the 10k tomorrow, I could probably pull it off (with much difficulty..but still). In the past few weeks, training has gone from seemingly easy to quite difficult. We’re adding a lot more time […]

The beautiful PPP.


Our run through Point Pleasant Park this past Saturday was amazing. It was finally warm, the smell of the ocean was heavenly and there were so many people out with their dogs having fun. During the run I was able to chat with some of the team, which to me is incredible because it used […]