Training week 1

We have now completed our first run of training! I can almost hear the cheers of the finish line already! Sunday I started out so strong I was keeping up with Nicole. For those not in the know, Nicole has completed a marathon and runs regularly as well as being one of our mentors. She […]

I’m not supposed to be here

I walked into the restaurant a few minutes late, so almost everyone was already there, drinks in hand, mingling.  Normally this would cause me a lot of anxiety – new place, new people, walking in late – but the room was mostly filled with familiar faces.  Close friends, casual acquaintances, people who’s names I didn’t […]

Here we go again! Doubling KM though

Well, here we are a year later and it is absolutely amazing how the experience keeps giving every single day. I waited with baited breathe for the day applications would open up to apply to be a mentor. I applied on my work computer as soon as the notification was sent. Why was I so […]

Mixed Feelings

It’s many days after the Blue Nose 10k and I’m just now sitting down for my final post.  BlueNose race weekend is amazing. Everything about the weekend is amazing. Do yourself a favour – get involved! Run or walk a race, volunteer (there are soooo many volunteers needed to pull this off) or just come […]

Post Race Reflections

Team Myles DID rock, Team Myles DID role and we sure as heck ACHIEVED our goals. I have been trying to put together words to describe how yesterday felt and the one that keeps coming to mind is magical. Everything about the day was truly special from being in the hotel room together through to […]