Team Myles is a life changer

Well…… I’ve only been meaning to write a blog since april ………Why I haven’t……. Is because I’m scared I’ll jinx myself if I write about how much I’m doing. After having a cancer scare almost two years ago then dealing with adrenal fatigue since then I was unable to really do anything. The couch became […]

My Race, My Pace

Yesterday we ended our 8th week of training with a long run. 8 sets of 8 minute intervals with 1 minutes of rest in between (8x8x1) for a total of 76 minutes. Our route was part of the 10km route for the Bluenose that we will be running in less than a month now. We […]

I needed them.

Like it says, I needed them. Little did they know exactly how much I needed them. This may be fairly long but hear me out, k? I’m going to get, real, raw, and vulnerable you with because I need to share my story and hope that it will not only help, but also inspire, another […]

Just Keep Breathing

Tonight at hills, I had a panic attack. I get them sometimes. They’re part of who I am– I’m panic attack girl. It can feel embarrassing and frustrating and exhausting. They’re also terrifying. I feel my breath catch and my lungs explode and my throat close. My vision blurs. I begin hyperventilating, shaking, sometimes crying […]

20lbs and counting

Here we are starting week 11. What a difference with my mind. It’s funny I have always struggled with fitness and healthy eating. It was always one or the other. Never both at the same time. Well something has switched since starting this program with Team Myles. With all of this training and determination to […]

“Mentors”, we are people to

For those of you who are already thinking about applying to return as a Mentor next year for Team Myles. Just some food for thoughts; although all Mentors whether you are a first year Mentor or a Senior Mentor, we have all been through the program. We have all felt that we are not getting […]