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Hills tonight:) – March 12th

Tonight was a good night.  Everyone is getting up this hill and there are no complaints at all………..just a cheer at the beginning………Team Myles……….Hells Ya!! Lots happening this evening and celebrations!!  Stephanie Domet won an East Coast Music Award for Media Outlet of the Year.  It was very exciting to watch the high 5’s and congratulations:) […]

Local Connections

At the beginning of our Team Myles training, we had an awesome nutrition session with Michelle. As a result of what we learned that evening, I have started to add spinach to my morning smoothie. It looks gross but tastes good – and I have way more energy throughout the morning. It was an informative session […]

Nuts for Coconut

I ate this yummy Thai Coconut Veggie Soup four nights in a row last week. So delish! Maybe like me, you are finding that as the weather gets a little bit lighter and brighter, you start to crave some fresher, lighter tastes to perk you up. This recipe is so flavourful, easy to prepare and […]