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My Favorite Team!

Being accepted to come back this year as a mentor for the ½ marathon team is such an honor! This program significantly changed my life last year and I’m excited to tag along as a new group of ambassadors goes on this incredible journey! When I woke up on January 1, 2018 I was the […]


I woke up a bit nervous this morning. Our Sunday morning long run was going to include the bridge! The bridge that I had heard was a beast to get over with it’s steady incline and distance of 1.3km’s. As I got ready to go, the worry continued- How windy would it be on the […]

Highs & Lows!

After Sundays session with Jill, I was feeling extremely motivated to really push hard this week. On Monday I had time to get out for a 5k run and decided to try doing it without intervals. I had such a great run! I felt light on my feet, the time seemed to go by quickly […]


My solo run felt really HARD today. I felt every Easter egg and every other high calorie food that I ate over the long weekend! But I didn’t want my indulgent weekend to be a barrier and wanted to push even harder today. And the result was that I did something today that I haven’t done […]

4 weeks in!

Our first month of training is almost complete and things are going really well! I’ve been having a bit of knee pain, but my colleagues at Lifemark are taking great care of me! 🙂 After 4 weeks I’m already feeling stronger and starting to feel like a “runner” again! Before team myles I convinced myself […]

Jello Legs!

My legs were definitely a bit sore this morning after hill night! And I had a busy day, with not a lot of time to fit in a run. That would have been enough for the old me to avoid the gym. But, I made time for a 25 minute run at lunch and pushed […]