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Mixed emotions

<img When Devin told us Tuesday past that it was our last hill night, I couldn’t help but feel sad (who would’ve thunk it!) I’m not sure if I’ll ever have the motivation to run up and down Citadel Hill again without Devin, Cindy and the crew! Although I’m a bit depressed about this all […]

Listen to the mentors ;)

I knew the difference, but I didn’t care! I was starving. I missed my early supper around 4 before citadelhill because of an appointment, so at 5:30 I shoved a sandwich down my gob and I may or may not have eaten a delicious, soft fresh piece of pita bread as well. And a cookie. […]

Today was a doozy.

Today was hard, a little physically but mostly mentally. Too much coffee, the weather plus the loss of two hig h school friends of mine made it hard to focus tonight. I made it out though regardless. Meeting at the Running Room to share our MYlestone with Myles and the rest of the crew was […]

April 9th

Yesterday at Point Pleasant Park was yet again another nice and warm day. We ran 6/1 for about 6k through the south end of Hali and it was a blast! Chatting with Gill and Sarah pretty much the whole way reminiscing about our younger days living and hanging downtown was a laugh. I couldn’t ask […]

The beautiful PPP.

Our run through Point Pleasant Park this past Saturday was amazing. It was finally warm, the smell of the ocean was heavenly and there were so many people out with their dogs having fun. During the run I was able to chat with some of the team, which to me is incredible because it used […]

Citadel Hill #2

It was cold, it was windy but my goodness I really enjoyed tonight’s workout. 30 seconds sprint, 30 seconds walking. It felt good and I needed to get some stress out of my body today, so thank you Citadel Hill and Devin for tonight. See ya’ll Saturday!  

Citadel Hill night #1

Let’s be honest, it’s intimidating. Citadel Hill was a mutha to drive up in my standard car(I wasn’t the best driver) let alone sprint…with my feet. The first 20 seconds were good but the last 10 were a killer. The wind was strong and I could feel my body start to slack off big time. […]