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Samantha Dobbs | Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon: Team Myles

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The Hunger

It’s two days before the BIG RACE, and what’s on my mind? Food, of course! 😛 Many people would agree that there could possibly be several expected “side effects”, if you will, when increasing your regular work our regime… “Wow! These pants fit so much better!”, or more aptly après-workout “Holy heck, I can hardly […]

It’s the Final Countdown

*Queue Europe* Do-do-do-do, Do-do-loo-do-do, Do-do-do-do -final countdown We are now officially 7 days away from race day! I’m so full of emotions! Mostly I’m excited, with a pinch of nervousness. Race day approaches! Our last run was so good. I mean, really, just so good♥ It was so wonderful to be among my beloved teammates, and […]


Huge shout out to to our serine-sponsor, Therapeutic Approach Yoga Studio! Thank you for the Great Water-Bottles, and for the Warm atmosphere! To find out more about this incredible sponsor, please be sure to visit: http://www.yogastudio.ns.ca/ Xo♥  

Old Sole

I actually began writing this blog last week, but true to the story, life kind of happened in between… Last week I was feeling a bit weary. I certainly wouldn’t say unmotivated, run down maybe? Sometimes so much is going on behind the scenes, that it’s hard to know what to show on the surface. […]

Better Call Paul

My knee khurts. It’s been hurting for some time… I probably should have addressed it mid-last week, but I was too “busy”, I thought it would go away, yada, yada. Truthfully, it is feeling better than it was at the height of it’s pain, but it was so bad that I missed last Saturday’s group […]

Ode to Milk

In honour of one of our sponsors, I’ve come across some interesting fact about Milk I thought I’d share! Did you know that Low-fat chocolate milk is a great beverage for post workouts! Milk Nutrition Milk is rich in nutrients essential for human health, including Vitamins A, D, and B12, minerals such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus, […]

Love, tootsies.

Ghost 7s #Brooks

This post is all about gratitude, from my tootsies! -because it’s always important to show your appreciation! I had the pleasure of visiting with Paul from #LifeMark Physiotherapy last week, another one of the amazing benefit of being part of Team Myles that I am SO grateful for! The experience was wonderful! I had never had […]

Double-Barrel Day

Throwback-Thuesday, if you will… Tuesday was a big day. It was the culmination of two very important things: -Hill night; training on Citadel Hill -My yearly Brain Tumour check up Of the former, I had been dreading Hill night ever since my confidence shattering run the previous Saturday. Having trouble running for 3min straight? Okay, […]

Butt, kicked.

Butt kicked, check. It’s still early in the game, but yesterday’s run was pretty challenging for me… I’ve been battling a seemingly unending chest cold for the last little while. I won’t gross you out with the details, but it’s been a struggle from the start to run and breath at the same time. Now, if […]

Here goes nothin’!

Well, I seem to find myself in a very interesting situation! I am a firm believer of being in the right place, at the right time. Allow me to elaborate… Tired of being, well, tired… I decided to make a change. During my pregnancy with my daughter, I had gained about 90lbs. Yeah, I know. […]