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Working through the pain!

So last Saturday was the worst my knee has been all training period. I wasn’t even recovered by hills time, I’m pretty sad about that. I did go and cheer on the team though, they’re working really hard! I had a physio appointment and here is what I’m up to now. Rolling before every run, […]

Is my knee getting better?

I have been stretching and working on my left knee for about two weeks now. Also I have been trying to increase the strength of my inner quads. Both recommendations were from my physiotherapist Karen Decker. I saw her last Wednesday and she said that I’m making improvements. Sure doesn’t feel that way. On Saturday […]

Yummy Vitamins!

Hey there, Myles just checking in for Team Myles #BlueNose2014! I want to talk about an awesome gift that was given to me last Saturday.¬†Life Science Nutritionals has given us their Adult Essentials #AdultEssentials¬† adult vitamin GUMMIES! They’re delicious! My favorite is the Vitamin B, then the Vitamin D and then the Men’s Multivitamin. They’re […]

Myles’ Knee Trouble

Just recovering today from hill training last night. I just wanted to mention that I wasn’t able to complete all of the workout with the team since my knee started to hurt a bit during the sprints up citadel hill. Devin, our trainer, insisted that I listen to my body and stop before I really […]

Myles Returns!

Hello there, it’s me again, Myles. I’ve returned to the team this year as a mentor and I’m very excited for the responsibility that comes with this role! I had such great support last year, it’s time to give back. We have such a wonderful group of people this year! The launch dinner was a […]

Hills Again

Sorry I’ve been so quiet, I will write a few posts to catch you up on how things have been going with Myles and what I’ve been up to. Today I’m going to talk about hill training last night. I really do enjoy hill training… not the actual training part but the part after where […]