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Don’t you dare compare!

It’s human nature to compare ourselves to others. Worrying that your are not measuring up to your peers, or feeling left out. Last year I found I was comparing myself to too many strangers on the internet. I followed all these people that seemingly had their lives together. They had tons of time to work […]

So. Many. Hills!

If you’ve ever walked or run around the HRM you learn pretty quick how hilly this province is! I moved to my new neighborhood last summer, and although I know my usual route was pretty hilly, I never really noticed it much. Until today! I haven’t run much since December. Maybe once a week. And […]

SO hungry!

Omg guys… I’m so hungry! Like all the time.  I think of my next snack/meal while I’m eating one. Is this normal?  Everything I ate today wold be Amanda (our amazing Lifemark dietician) approved, but the amount. ..maybe not so much. Lol I’ve been exercising regularly for just over a year,  and I’ve definitely noticed […]

10k = Nutella.

Just over 8 weeks ago when our coaches and mentors told us we should sign up for the 10k run. I thought they were nuts. I could somewhat do a 5k on my own, and the thought of having to do that twice seemed SUPER overwhelming. It took me around 40 mins to do my […]

Running rules.

Apparently there’s running rules! Who knew! When I decided to learn to run last summer I thought; a pretty pair of shoes, fun tunes, and my little running app was all I needed.  Wellllll…turns out there’s a few more things I needed to know. This morning I went to the Running Room. Wasn’t really sure […]

Getting stronger.

Last week I got my rump kicked into hard drive. I started my journey with Team Myles, and what do I have to say about it? I’m. So. Sore. Sore and tired. But is it weird that I actually  like it? I like knowing that I’m on the path of getting stronger. Most people adopt a […]

New goals.

Being a super chatty hairdresser, people are usually surprised when I tell them I’m really nervous in big crowds. So meeting everyone at the launch last Thursday had my  stomach in knots. I was definitely out of my comfort zone!  We were told to meet and mingle, and what I really wanted to do was […]