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Post Race Reflections

Team Myles DID rock, Team Myles DID role and we sure as heck ACHIEVED our goals. I have been trying to put together words to describe how yesterday felt and the one that keeps coming to mind is magical. Everything about the day was truly special from being in the hotel room together through to […]

Getting out of my own Head

This morning’s run started off rough. I couldn’t find my Bluetooth headphones before coming to the run, which rattled me because I don’t like listening to my own breath when running. I find it throws me off and slows me down. Once I got running on the concrete, which is the worst thing for my […]

Taking Back the Park

Since moving to Halifax Point Pleasant was always my happy place and where I would go to do my best thinking when I needed to sort things out in my brain. In 2015 I used to walk Point Pleasant every Saturday and Sunday that time allowed. I was battling through dealing with my Mom’s dementia […]