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Did Not Finish.  These are not the 3 letters you want next to your name at a race. A race that you have been training for with an amazing group of people for the past 16 weeks.  But that is what happened for me at the Medavie Blue Cross Half Marathon at the ScotiaBank Blue […]

The support of strangers

Often the hardest part of running is not how tired your legs are, or how tight your calf muscles get.  It’s not gasping for breath as you try to run up a steep hill.  It’s the negative thoughts swirling around your brain as you continue to take step after step. “I can’t do this, it’s […]

Big Hill, Small Goals

Often articles or blogs from people training for a half-marathon talk about goal setting.  People have goals for setting a new PB (Personal Best), running with negative splits, goal times or running at a certain pace.  For other people the goal is simply to cross the finish line.  While I share some of these goals […]

Use at your own risk


We finished our warm up and everyone was ready to go. Victoria was giving out last minute directions for the route. I caught words like “Young Ave”, “full circle” and “35 minutes”. People around me were talking and planning, some said we started to the left, some to the right. I figured I would just […]

I’m not supposed to be here

I walked into the restaurant a few minutes late, so almost everyone was already there, drinks in hand, mingling.  Normally this would cause me a lot of anxiety – new place, new people, walking in late – but the room was mostly filled with familiar faces.  Close friends, casual acquaintances, people who’s names I didn’t […]