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I needed them.

Like it says, I needed them. Little did they know exactly how much I needed them. This may be fairly long but hear me out, k? I’m going to get, real, raw, and vulnerable you with because I need to share my story and hope that it will not only help, but also inspire, another […]

Detailed Positive

Today, I struggled. But I made a choice. A choice that started well before my 7:10am alarm went off. A choice to better myself. Challenge myself. Push myself. While running today, I also made a choice. A choice to silence the inner mean girl and believe in myself. A choice to change the negatives swirling […]

Remember Your Why

Did I make a mistake? That’s a question I’ve been reflecting on lately. We are going into week 4 of training, and I’ve been sick for the last 9 days. That’s 9 missed days of activity, running or otherwise. I feel behind. I feel discouraged. I feel like I let myself down. Did I set […]