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1st Day Down!

We had our first run on Sunday with the new Team. How exciting to be doing this again this year but as a Mentor this time around! It seems like yesterday I was one of  the new ambassadors  for Team Myles wearing my new green shirt and  full of nerves and self doubt. Wondering what […]

Jesus Take the Wheel

While running last Sunday (after my anxiety attack but not quite before my crying session) I was going to yell out “Jesus Take The Wheel” to the girls in the pod I was running with as I knew we were all getting tired and the run was becoming increasingly difficult (well for me anyway!) For […]

Got my ugly cry on!

Yesterday morning at approximately 11:45 am I had one of the most incredible experiences of my life! NO, I didn’t go skydiving (although I have done that!) and no, I didn’t win a million dollars (still hopeful!) but what I did do was go for a run with my team (myles) and ran 3 minutes on and […]

My love affair with Voltaren

I just finished reading over my blog post from last week and it’s mind blowing how much your perspective can change in just ONE week! Last week I had a physical assessment done and was feeling super down and extremely worried about whether I could actually do this or not… and while all of those […]


I am terrible at this blogging exercise. I keep writing, erasing, re-writing and erasing. I am also in one of those…”I am terrible at everything” moods… which I realize serves no-one, least of all myself. But if i’m being honest…and that is what this experience is supposed to be about…That is usually how my days go […]


My first blog post EVER!  Wow, do I ever feel old saying that!! haha I enjoyed the launch party and getting to meet everyone on the team. It’s so crazy looking at a room full of people that you don’t know while realizing that these people  will become so important to you in just a […]