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It’s all over…say it isn’t so. | Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon: Team Myles

It’s all over…say it isn’t so.

Wow what a ride. My head is whirling with all the excitement of completing my first official race and I did a half marathon. I really am super proud of myself. I don’t think I could say that 16 weeks ago. This program has taught me a lot of things but the most important lesson I learned was to take care of me and love myself first.
I have even bought myself some new clothes which I never do. Some nice new running clothes at that. lol

What a race on Sunday, the bluenose marathon was so exciting. I think the first 5km I was just in ahhh of everything and everyone around me. The cheering of the crowd, familiar faces I may of seen and especially all of the high fives from the adorable little kids. There was so much excitement in the air.

I was having was a great race until I descended into point pleasant park. At that time I had told my running partner Jessica to continue without me. I got in my head, all the negative talk started to come back, this is hard, why am I running for over two overs still, I can’t do it anymore. Then I remembered a certain run we did (forgive me I can’t remember her name) where a lady came and gave us a quick talk and joined us in our run that night. She told us whenever we started to get in our head to repeat ‘I can do it so I will” something like that and so I did. I repeated that saying over and over again through some tears and up serpentine hill. Once I made it out of point pleasant park I gave it all I had and finished the race.

What a feeling of accomplishment it gives you. I was so so proud of myself. I really was. This journey has been such a great experience. I think of my team myles team mates and get teary eyed knowing it’s over and I wont see them every week anymore. All the blood, sweat and tears we left up there on Citadel Hill and point pleasant park. We all put so much into this training and this program that we should be super proud. Also our two coaches that were there every week encouraging us, making sure we don’t get hurt and being our biggest cheerleaders I just want to say thanks.

I will never forget this experience and can’t wait to see everyone at the graduation.

Now on to continuing what I learned with team myles and setting a PB for the Valley Harvest in the fall. XOXO

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