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I’m running late! | Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon: Team Myles

I’m running late!

I joined Team Myles because I wanted to do something for myself. As a mother of three active boys (ages 11, 12 and 14), who works full-time, I often thought I would get to do the things I wanted to ‘someday’ when life became less hectic.  It took achieving one of my goals, starting my Master’s degree, to realize there is never a perfect time to start something new, and I should just go for it!  I had always wanted to become more active and I thought running was a good option as I like the supportive atmosphere, the opportunity to meet new people, and the ability to be outside and take in the beautiful scenery (even on rainy hills nights).

People actually laughed when I told them I was joining a running group…not because they thought I couldn’t physically do it but because I am often in a time crunch.  I heard the phrase “when are you going to find time to run?” more than once.  But I did manage to find the time and I loved every minute!! It feels so good to achieve a personal goal and have the support of a great team, including my husband and sons, who routinely tell me they are proud of me.  I plan on continuing running and have signed up for several more (Disney Princess Challenge 2020 here I come!), along with some family runs.

I have been meaning to write this post for a couple months now but have only managed to do this the day before the 10K Bluenose Marathon…this is typical for me…I squeeze things in when and where I can!  I am looking forward to tomorrow and I hope all of the Team Myles group has a fantastic run!  We should all be proud of our accomplishments…everyone has done amazing!  This has been such a wonderful, life changing opportunity, and I am grateful for it.  I would like to thank the sponsors Scotiabank Bluenose Marathon, Lifemark, Goodlife Fitness, and Aerobics First.  I would also like to thank the whole 2019 Team Myles group for being awesome, especially Team Scrambled Legs, Kristen (Mentor extraordinaire!), Leanne, Jeanette M (thanks for the run that day…it really helped), Alisha, Paul M, and Sarah F (part of the Lifemark family)…and most of all thank you to Becky W for all of the help and support…you are amazing! 

For anyone who is considering Team Myles…just go for it!  It is never too late! Just Giv’er!

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