Team Myles is a life changer

Well…… I’ve only been meaning to write a blog since april ………Why I haven’t……. Is because I’m scared I’ll jinx myself if I write about how much I’m doing. After having a cancer scare almost two years ago then dealing with adrenal fatigue since then I was unable to really do anything. The couch became my best friend along with the tv remote. I gained several pounds and
I was also in such a deep bad depression it was hard to get out of. Team Myles met on March 14th at tempo in downtown halifax, and since that day…… My world has changed. I’m so much happier I have the light back in my life I was missing and longing for. The people are amazing in our group! I can now run 8 minutes without stopping…… I still can’t believe it !
At the beginning I had very bad shin splints, so I could only do what I could do then I would have to walk, but there was always someone there helping me encouraging me or walking with me when I couldn’t run. The power of team Myles is absolutely amazing and I am so very blessed to be a part of this team!!! I encourage everyone to try to join the team next year! It’s transforming and life changing! Do’it!!!!

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