Don’t let a “bad run” influence your future in running!!

So. I ran 10km for the first time in my life today. Well.. my phone says 9.52km..but I did it! I was really feeling nervous before I ran today. Not sure why; but I just know that if I don’t get a hold of myself, I’ll be a nervous wreck on race day lol!!

The route is good! I mean, I’ve never ran in a 10km race before…nor have I ever ran 10km straight. Period. (Can you still tell I am in awe of myself!!) So I don’t know what’s a good route or what’s a bad route…all I know is a great route. Is flat. 🤣But I thoroughly enjoyed it! Except the end. The end sucks. But I am sure it will feel a lot different on race day!

I’m pretty pleased with the time we got. 1 hour and 10 mins. Not bad? I don’t know what’s good and what’s not lol but my goal for raceday was under 1.5 hours…so … Guess that means it was good! And that was with all kind of lovely traffic light stops and direction reading lol. Ahhhh.. the traffic light stops. They may have messed with our time and pace … But I can’t say I didn’t enjoy them lol 🤣

It is INSANE to think that there is just over 2 weeks until race day 😳 I haven’t decided 100% how I feel about that yet. Part of me is crazy sad, because it means the end of Team Myles 2019 training ,😭 Part of me is scared to death. Anxiety in overdrive. Thoughts running through my head a mile a minute. And part of me is excited. My inaugural 10km race! And I am so extremely blessed to have been able to train amongst some of the most inspirational, amazing, awesome people, and to have the best coaches and mentors helping me along! I know for a fact, if it wasn’t for this experience, I’d still be doing 3.75km in what? Almost 40 minutes? Not that there is anything wrong with that at all! But just to see the improvement …. It’s amazing.

So, I had a shitty run on Sunday, but an amazing run today. It just goes to show you, if you are having a “bad run ” ….don’t let that ruin your drive. Keep going. Don’t give up. Trust me. You’ll love yourself for it!!! 💚💚💚💚💚💚 (And yes. I am trying to take my own advice lol!!)

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