My Race, My Pace

Yesterday we ended our 8th week of training with a long run. 8 sets of 8 minute intervals with 1 minutes of rest in between (8x8x1) for a total of 76 minutes. Our route was part of the 10km route for the Bluenose that we will be running in less than a month now. We ran from where the race will start on Sackville street, all the way down Agricola to Leeds and back to run around the outskirts of Citadel to make sure we got all of our time/ distance in.  Let me tell you I had a rough time on yesterday run.

In my spare time I play on a women’s tackle football team- the Halifax Xplosion (Yes, it really is full contact, pads, helmets and all) and we had a game the day before and let me tell you my body was feeling tired and achy. As well I was sick all week and did not run, but I told myself that no matter how I felt in the morning I was going on the long run, and I would walk if I had to. During my run I have a very hard time pacing myself properly as well controlling my breathing (I am assuming because I have been sick), so I did not end up completing all the sets as I intended and ended up walking more then I would have liked, but I somehow ended up running/ walking 9.83 km in the allotted 76 minutes (1:12:00), which was a huge surprise to me, especially since my pace was all over the place! The goal that I have set myself for the Bluenose is to finish the whole 10 km within 1:10:00 which now seems like a very realistic goal, this really reinforced the idea to me that I can actually do this and that this is my race, and my pace and no matter how I run or walk the Bluenose.  

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