How did I get so lucky to be a part of this amazing team!!!

How did I get so lucky!!!!! I’m so very fortunate to have team Myles in my life I cannot even put it into words as to how lucky I am…….

This week has been so difficult for me with my running and my mental health. I tried to run Tuesday but I only got half of my intervals in then I missed my hills night because of pain ive been having my chiropractor said I should take a couple days off, so I took Wednesday and Thursday off , Thursday I had therapy for two hours and it was a tough session for sure…….. And without running and being able to do much it affected me much more then I thought it would . Friday I went out and tried to get my intervals in and again my body and my mental state just wasn’t having it. I was speaking with my wife telling her that maybe I bit off more then I can chew with this 10km bluenose and that maybe I should just do the 5km, and not five minutes later my phone went off telling me I had an email, so I checked the email and ironically enough it was from the bluenose stating that may 19 th is the last day you can transfer your race. Sooooo I took a screen shot and posted it on our team Myles Facebook group just to give my team a heads up as to what my plan is. Well that was either the worst mistake or the best decision Ive made in a long time lol. I had so much support my mentor and other mentors contacted me right away along with a bunch of comments on the comment I posted with so much support! When I made the post my only intention was to let people know my current new plan I was not expecting so much love and support like almost instantly .
    So today was our long run Sunday…….. I showed up and I was anxious as anything my body was vibrating , I thought for sure I was going to try and then fail today again, my mental state was off and I was ready to give up before I even started! When I walked to our meeting spot I had people come up to me and say really sweet thoughtful things, I had two ambassadors ask if I wanted them to run with me which was so kind but I didn’t want to mess up their timing and training for the race in three weeks so I declined . Then a mentor came up to me and said ” I’m running with you today” I said ok cus I knew she wasn’t taking no for an answer……… And omg it was the best run Ive had to date!!! We got to talk lots anddddddd run lots!!! We did 8.01kms in one hour and eight minutes………. She was exactly what I needed today . How amazing is that? I shed a few tears on my drive home because I just couldn’t believe how amazing it was today! To have all the support and to have Jeanette running with me I honestly don’t think I could have accomplished what I did today without her!

The power and support of team Myles is truly amazing!!!! And yes…….. I will be running the bluenose 10km not the 5km! And now I KNOW I can do it!!!!

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