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Better late than never ! | Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon: Team Myles

Better late than never !

Hello everyone !

This is my first post and yes I know we are 6 weeks in now (hence the name) but today I left my run feeling the best I have yet. Today is the first day I feel motivated to write about this amazing journey.

Initially when I was doing the application for Team Myles I didn’t believe that I would ACTUALLY get picked. I had used running in the past as a way to lose weight but by no means was I super serious about running. The reason I started was because of my foster dog, Layla. She had been in 5 homes when she was given to me to foster, nobody could understand this wildly anxious (and oh so loud) husky. I walked her once a day and it didn’t even begin to meet what she needed. Then twice a day and it still didn’t begin to take a dent out of this amazing energy she had. Then one morning- when the sun was shining and the birds were chirping- I pushed off and took my first few strides. Man, was it ever difficult. My boyfriend didnt believe me when I came home and told him I had ran at the park. At this point in my life the only thing I was dedicated to was Zesty Doritos and true crime tv.

I fell in love with running after many weeks and totally started feeling the “runners high”! My husky finally started acting like a normal dog and we got into an amazing routine. Everyday we would run together and I watched those extra pounds that had held me back for so long, melt off. It was an amazing transformation for both of us. I lost 35 pound in a few months and she found her forever home with me.

My runs then were always about her and what she needed. I felt my stamina improve in small bits but when the winter season came, it was too dangerous to run outside. Winters in Newfoundland are very harsh and long, not ideal for people who want to run year round. As the months passed I had totally lost my good habit and with a move to Nova Scotia around the corner I was in prime “I’ll do it when I do it” mode. This lasted for longer than I care to admit- many many, MANY months. I would take Layla out to off leash trails so I could walk and she could run as fast for as long as she wanted to.

Fast forward to moving here in the fall, I told myself I would be better ! For the first few weeks I was here I was back at it again and feeling great about it. But just like before this habit didn’t stick and as winter approached. I went into my hermit like state and continued to bring my (now 2) dogs to off leash trails.

Why was getting back at running so friggin’ hard for me ? I had lost so much weight (but was up 10 again at this point). I was feeling good when I was doing it. What was holding me back ? I loved the feeling of running but to get motivated was impossible. I remember telling myself “one day you’ll get back to it Katie, don’t worry”.

Then one day my friend mentioned the Team Myles program to me and I felt a little bolt of lightning strike. I filled out to application and literally never thought I would get picked but what was the harm in trying right ? I had even told myself that I would still run the BN even if I didn’t get picked, but still hoped that I would.

I GOT PICKED ! Wow what an amazing feeling that was. I was so grateful that someone would consider little old me to do something that inspires so many. Needless to say, I was jazzed. But also feeling like I was in WAY over my head. A 10 K run seemed so far out of reach for me when the longest I could ever go was 2K. I stuffed all those feelings of doubt in a little box and stored that in the back of my mind. They weren’t serving me, and if I listened to them I wouldn’t be where I am today.

Today I ran 8:1s. We did roughly 8 K today and I’m actually still in shock. I NEVER THOUGHT I COULD DO THIS ! And honestly I could of kept going. When I was on my way to the run this morning I felt some of those doubts creep into my mind. How could I do 8:1s? 7:1s were SO hard ! But by the end of the run I was left feeling like my body is so much stronger than I have ever given it credit for. These things that I thought I could never do, I’m now doing. Wow. Thank you body for getting me to this place and for continuing to surprise me.

6 weeks ago I thought I was in over my head. Now looking back on it, I realize that was all IN my head.

It’s never too late to start caring about your body folks! And seeing each and every one of you push so hard has been so motivating. You guys are all amazing and I couldn’t be where I am without you !

Heres to kicking this 10Ks butt with all of you ! I certainly do have green in my heart 💚

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