Balance of Family / Work and Running 🏃

As a new runner (mostly a faster walker ) vs a full run , the most difficult thing I have yet to overcome is Time Management. How to find time between household responsibilities, spending time with my wife, my mom and family, friends , work and other things that come up in life.

It is challenging.

Home support, family support and flexibility at work can be all in place and then “Wham” – Home sick for a few days and just no engagement or energy to walk let alone run. “Wham” just when you feel better- a family member is sick and you spend the next week at the Hospital due to them having pneumonia and your support/presence is not 100% required – but the sense of family and guilt if something is missed in doctor meetings is heavy on your shoulders.

The old saying “It takes a village to raise a child “ is also true in committing to a new health regime “ it takes a village to raise a runner / new fitness program “ into your life.

Without family and the new friends made with @TeamMyles 10km and my new Pod of Friends “Chafing the Dream “along with the #Mentors, #Trainers #sponsors and those who give up their “Time/Talent and Treasure” my journey would not have begun and I would be wondering 🤔 hmm “Is this the year I become more active “

I know I won’t be “speeding down the road “ for the @Bluenose 10k …but I will be in the race, maybe finishing last or 2nd last but compared to last year just watching the race from the sideline is a start.

Next year I can see if I can overcome some of the hurdles from this year and maybe improve my time and placement but I don’t have to worry. The only person I am competing against is me. So finishing last or 2nd last isn’t the goal. The goal is to be more active and “Finish”.

Another chapter to my life book.

Cheers and “Giver”


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