The Commitment is real

Although overweight, I consider myself fit – which makes dealing with the intense shin splints even harder. Im old but Im still competitive so when Im struggling running (always) I want to give up. Then I remember Jill`s talk and I look around me and know no matter where we are at in our running we all have our struggles. Despite those, we are trying to be solid Dimes! I didn’t want to do hills last night – my ankle is killing me, it was cold and I was feeling discouraged. Made myself go because I remembered that I made a commitment – to myself, to team myles , to our amazing sponsors and mentors. I went and was so glad I did – legs didn’t hurt as much and just being surrounded by fierce people lifted me. Melanie Starrett couldn’t run because of shin issues but you know what – she showed up, shouting encouragement to her team mates and doing the best she could. To me that epitomizes the spirit of team myles- suit up and show up and let the magic unfold. So fortunate to be part of this group of Diming warriors.

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