Running Home – time management

Before Christmas I thought it would be a good idea to start running home from work (or at least part way). Over the holidays, I purchased a small running backpack and was ready to start in January. However, the sidewalk conditions made this impossible on the first day, so I procrastinated for a few months. Like most people, I find it hard to find time to run. And even if I have time, I find it hard to come home after work and go out. Mornings may work for some, but mornings for┬áme are busy, and I am not willing to give up breakfast with my family. Before Team Myles, I was happy if I ran once a week and my goal was now four times per week. I was worried I would not have the time to meet this goal. With the announcement of Quinpool Road being closed, and the start of training, I decided to start running from work. I have not made it all the way home yet, but have ran to another bus stop (skipping my walk to a nearby bus stop and the traffic) or to meet my son at his school. I arrive at home about the same time as if I took the bus from work, so this is turning out to be very good time management. And I just love running on Quinpool Road – with few cars, and the water, it feels like a park.

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