“Mentors”, we are people to

For those of you who are already thinking about applying to return as a Mentor next year for Team Myles.
Just some food for thoughts; although all Mentors whether you are a first year Mentor or a Senior Mentor, we have all been through the program. We have all felt that we are not getting enough time with our POD Leader’s or they are not checking on me enough.
I just want to start by saying that we typically don’t place people in POD’s based on speed and ability. We select our POD’s based on what we feel we have in common with the ambassador’s. Do we always get it right or perfect, absolutely not. But we do our best based on the information we are provided with. But please know that we communicate we each other to ensure that we are always keeping each other in the loop of how things are going.
As Mentors we are here for you no matter what POD you are in and to what ability you are running. However, I do ask that everyone keeps in mind that we are people too, we can’t be everywhere at once and there may be some training sessions that you see more of us and there will be some when you see less of us. But always know we are there for you no matter what. One KEY point is, we can’t always tell if you are struggling or having a bad run either physically or mentally. This is were we as Mentors count on you to let us know these things.
Although we try our best we have off days as well and sometimes struggle with injuries. It’s only been 2 years this past March that I started running and I consider myself a seasoned runner at this point…just in regards to the number of races I have run and the amount of training km’s I have put in. But I still struggle some days, I still hurt most days and I battle injuries quite often. But I now know to ask for help when I need it. That is one of the most important things that I have gotten from this program.

So trust the process, trust the program…it works, I am proof of it as are many, many, many others.


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  1. Carlee Portolesi
    Carlee PortolesiApril 22, 2019 at 6:35 pm #

    The coaches and mentors are fantastic on this team!! We are so lucky you all decided to come back to the team. I, for one, feel incredibly supported by every single one of you. You are all full of a wealth of information about how to keep going during this training and to prepare for race day. This will be my first half marathon and I have been sucking up all of your tips like a sponge and it’s been working. Your support and motivation has been absolutely incredible. Do not beat yourselves up!! You are all doing an amazing job!! You cannot be in all places at once and it is also up to us to speak up if we might need a little more or less support some days. I almost don’t want race day to ever get here, but I know you’ll all still be around after this whole adventure is over.

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