I’ll Cross That Bridge When I Get There.

Sunday’s run was  12 k. I hadn’t run 12 k since the Fall., I had missed last weeks 10k because I was away on vacation and didn’t make it up.  I was a little worried because in my mind this was sort of day one of training.  I was definitely running a distance that I don’t do weekly.

Then Victoria posted it and I learn we were running across the bridge. Yikes! I am a person who likes my two feet on the ground and I’m most content traveling by car. So once I knew we were running across the bridge I kind of forgot that I would be doing my longest run ( so far) of 2019. My attention was focused on crossing the bridge. A bridge I have drove across many times but still the idea of running it left me uneasy. I knew I would do it but also didn’t think I  would like it.

We met at Lifemark at SMU, learned a few fantastic exercises to keep our lower body strong, then we set out for our run. 

I was running with Annette, she is fantastic and very supportive. She even said she would stick to the outside of the bridge. We were taking our time because 12 k was a big deal to us both. We arrived at the bridge it didn’t look so bad we even took a quick pic. However once we were over the water I was feeling very uncomfortable, I do understand that it is pretty well impossible to fall off this bridge and if it was to actually happen the water would be the safest place to land but at that point I wasn’t thinking rational.  I took off running as fast as I could realizing the best way to get off this bridge was to run. So I ran as fast as I could, I got to the point where I could see land beneath me, so I slowed down until Annette caught up.  Was nice to get a little “good job” from the commissioner in the toll booth before doing the last km  and turning around. 

Back on the bridge we went. I decided to stick to what worked on the way over and run hard  again. The wind was blowing at us this time so it was tougher, but I did it and I didn’t die. 

Not sure if it classifies as a true running victory or not. However  I was pretty happy with myself for crossing the bridge. I know people do it everyday and don’t really get why it’s so scary, but to me it’s a pretty big deal. 

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