First Blog Post !! :)

Well I am a little late writing my first blog, but here I am!! We are about to start week two and I am still very motivated and happy. My POD is AMAZING !! I could not be anymore happy with how comfortable I feel talking with them and opening up about how I am really feeling. My mentor is probably going to get annoyed with me soon as I ask so many questions. I am still struggling to get through the intervals and Alisha is always there to tell me how great I am doing and how proud she is of me. I went for my first solo run the other night and boy was that harder than I thought it would be (might have been because it was 8 at night and freezing). Tomorrow we start 3:1’s and I think it may kill me!! The thing that will get me through, is the fact that every single person that will be there running will make sure that I am doing okay and motivate me to keep going and push through the pain. I am already in love with how this team feels like one big happy family. Here’s to the next 8 weeks 🙂

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