Early morning pains

I’ve been up since 5 am. I wish I could snooze my alarm clock, but it’s not a clock. It’s my daughter and she doesn’t care that my every muscle hurts from yesterday’s workout… she’s hungry and I’m her mom.

Mornings like this are challenging. Usually I just need to push through them until I can either go back to sleep or get a coffee. In the moment it feels never ending and all I want is to sleep. I’m lucky to have the support of my husband to wake up Anna (my other daughter) get her ready and take her to school in the morning. I try to hold onto that thought and the thought that this won’t last forever. (“This” being the tiredness and the early morning breastfeeding.)

One thing I have noticed is that for the most part, working out does not affect my milk supply. There are times where I think I have a low production, but I hydrate and eat and everything is back to usual for the next feed.

Today is a lucky day where Sophie is going back to sleep and so can I. It’s felt like a long hour, but the next hour or two of sleep will feel like they go by in seconds. Every little bit counts though. 🙂

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