Detailed Positive

Today, I struggled.

But I made a choice.

A choice that started well before my 7:10am alarm went off.

A choice to better myself.
Challenge myself.
Push myself.

While running today, I also made a choice.

A choice to silence the inner mean girl and believe in myself.

A choice to change the negatives swirling in my head and focus on the positives.

The accomplishments.

Today, I ran 7.12km along the beautiful ocean front with sunshine beaming on my face and high-fiving fellow runners – friends and strangers alike.

Today, I walked 5km embracing the fact that my feet could carry me, my lungs could push me, and my heart could keep up.

Today, I accepted the support and cheers from my fellow teammates waiting at the end; acknowledging that the hardest part of the 12km was the battle in my mind.

So today, I struggled.

But I made a choice to focus on all the effort I gave and supports I had rather than give fuel to the inner fire that wanted me to negatively justify the pace.

Each day I will make a choice.

A choice that will be echoed by my footsteps hitting the pavement as the detailed positive thoughts fill up my cup.

You have a choice each day, too, and I hope you choose to embrace all that surrounds you.

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