Any kind of movement is an improvement.

The past week has really been a struggle for me.

Up to this point I have felt really great about this process and it is definitely working, I can tell how much my stamina has improved and hell I ran my 1st 5km race in 2 years and finished in 38 minutes (side note Shubie Park is very hilly if you are looking for a place to train on hills), but this week my body is telling me no. My body is beyond tired and achy and I try and tell myself to push through it, and that it is just a mental block.

But I also have to realize that my body is trying to adjust to this sudden lifestyle change. I went from basically be sedentary and barely doing anything. To running 4 days a week as well as 2 days (soon to be 3 days) of tackle football. My body is allowed to be tired and achy and sore and if it isn’t it means I am not working hard enough. But I have to learn to listen to what my body is saying and stop feeling so guilty for missing a run or having a so called ‘bad run” because any kind of movement is an improvement.

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