Well that sucked!

I’m not going to lie. The first Sunday run was a horrible experience for me. I haven’t run in over a year because of a non running related knee injury followed by a work injury (I seriously am considering wrapping myself in bubble wrap) but had been given the go ahead by my wonderful LifeMark physiotherapist Leanne Huck to get back out there as long as I started slow and listened to my body.

I was excited to join the group and had the support of coach Victoria and the mentors to do 1:2s (1 min runs 2 min walks) so after the warm up off we went and it wasn’t too long into the run that everything went downhill for me. I had sent the mentor running with me ahead to run with a friend thinking I was good but because of my intervals and pace I ended up alone and in my head. Running now is so much harder with the extra weight and I couldn’t help comparing my current self to runner Jody from a few years ago. I started to think I had bit off more than I could chew, how could I make it 21.1 Kms when I was struggling to get through 1 min of running and the negative thoughts kept on coming as did the tears. I pushed through and ran when I could walked when I couldn’t and finally made my way back to join the team gathering as we finished.

My pity party didn’t end there I’m sad to say. My mentor and pod had gathered for a photo and where talking about their runs. Having a much faster pace then mine they had gone further in the park and hit hills that I didn’t come close to. Negative Jody stood to the side thinking “I have nothing to contribute, they are so much stronger than me” and “ I’m going to quit this is way over my head”.

After a quick cry and chat in the car with my friend and fellow ambassador Andy and then a great chat with my mentor Alex I decided I was exactly where I needed to be. The best thing about Team Myles is it includes people at all levels of fitness and because everyone starts from zero at one point we can all relate, support and celebrate our accomplishments. For some this run it was getting up the hill in the park and for me it was getting out after all this time. I’m proud of my fellow runners and more importantly I’m proud of myself. I have a lot of work ahead of me but I’ll giver and get it done.

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