Starting to really enjoy this things called running!!!

Here we are entering our 6th week of training. My mind is whirling from all the running I have been doing. Who would have thought a month ago I could run for 20 min straight on the treadmill. No really 20 min straight and I am not even lying. LOL Last week parts of my body were really starting to hurt, my hamstring is always sore and now my knee. This week both are feeling much better but I still really need to find some time to go see Victoria at Life mark.

See this is where I am struggling finding time for everything. I feel so guilty with all this time I am spending on me and not as much on the kids and my Husband. Even though he pushes me to be out there training and always reassuring me he has everything handled at home, I still feel guilty.  I think I’ll always feel that way because it’s just who I am but at least I am still getting myself out there pushing myself like I have never done before.

When I first ran for 5 km I thought to myself there is no way I will ever be able to run this 4 times plus a KM. Then last week we ran the bluenose 10km route and I was blown away when I finished it. It flew by and I felt fabulous throughout the whole run. I am even having daydreams about now finishing the half marathon in June and will start to tear up as I am thinking about it. It’s like I am getting runner’s high or something. lol

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