Simply Amazed…… Lights of Wonder !!!

So I ran my first hill right with Team Myles this week, and what a wonder to behold!!!

After living in Nova Scotia now for 53 years and living around Halifax for about half of those years, upon meeting at the bottom of the hill I realized this was the FIRST time I had ever been on Citadel Hill after dark. Well let me tell you what my eyes didn’t see…. I could see absolutely everything, in every direction, all light up like some kind of huge night time amusement park from a movie…. truely amazing.
The most amazing thing is that I didn’t fall or twist an ankle or fall down the hill, lol, as my eyes were far too busy looking everywhere to pay attention.
As we rounded the top I could not believe we were actually overlooking the glow of the whole historic downtown… so busy and bustling. On the next turn I was staring right straight into our iconic Bell Tower, WOW, behind which stood a tall, sleek new building that housed what I summed up as the perfect place for my retirement condo!! Dream on Girly & buy lotto tickets I thought. I even found a patio bar to celebrate with our “miles to Marinies” pod after the race in June. Next came the Commons with so much traffic flow it looked like a race of little lit up June bugs and sounded like an orchestra!! Even both bridges, Burnside and red & white stacks in Dartmouth unique to just our cities could be easily seen from there.
Then the beautifully lit Atlantica hotel, Dingle Tower, the hospitals, the south end and the brightly lit Pier in the distance where so many must have been so scared yet excited as they landed here many years ago.
AROUND again on the Top as I continued to gaze a different though hit me of how cold it must have been on a -10 night like we were running in for all those soldiers who sat in their stations atop that windy hill protecting us so long ago and I felt a little sad but yet so blessed for their sacrifice.
I am sure I must have seemed quite funny to my Mentor as she listened to me round each turn babbling with the child-like excitement, wonder and surprise at each new thing I saw and become so anxious to round each new bend ( and there are lots up there) but to me it was one of the most wonderful sites I’ve ever seen.
I’m still fascinated by stunning beauty of our fair city at night lit up in all her Glory from the best view anywhere!!!! <3 <3
I cant’t wait for next weeks hills to see what else I notice. Such great pleasures when you just look and allow yourself to enjoy them!!

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