My first walk… before I learn to run 🏃

Today I was fortunate

Big Thank you to my wonderful wife Dawn-Desiree who was generous with her time to join me in my inaugural walk (no running yet) for the Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon – I will try to run 🏃 the 10km along with Team Myles powered by Lifemark  as an Ambassador. 

Today we walked just over 6km in just over an hour. Not a “wow” time but I have been many many years in a job where I am seated for a large majority of the time.

As well, during my down time rather then looking for active activities I have just been doing chores around the house and on occasion have been a bit active but nothing that has taken much of my time.

In the past, when I was younger I was active in cycling and playing or refereeing soccer ⚽️. But for over 20 years no formal sports.

This year is a major year for me. I turn 50 years old. A major milestone.

As I looked at my future I realized that if I wish to be here without major weight issues I should do something.

I am fortunate that I was accepted into the @Team Myles by Lifemark.

I hope to be a bit active and if I lose weight as a result of being more active then it is a start and step in the right direction. I am not expecting to run and make any records. I will be happy with any time quicker than a walk.

Two issues that will be both a concern but also a goal to overcome- 1) Shin splints and 2) low/restricted lung levels . I am Asthmatic and have about a 40-50% lung capacity so with proper training and learning new techniques I hope I will have limited issues and look forward to the program and whatever results will be for the best.

Again- Thank you ☺️ to my wife even thou I slowed her own pace.

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