Living Here, Living Now

I watched a friend suffer deep loss and pain this week and it was horrible. It’s horrible that she has to go through this; it’s horrible to see the agony she is experiencing - her sense of loss and inability to change the outcome.
It’s horrible that she has to be strong for her young children when it would be easier to turn inwards and wallow in grief that the wonderfully hectic life filled with so much love and joy is changed forever.
I needed to run this week. I needed to feel a sense of escape yet belonging, of relief that it wasn’t me when it could have been any one of us - to feel my heart pumping and forget how truly fragile it can be even when it’s strong.
I am so grateful I can run – that I have the physical ability to be active. It felt good to feel the cold air on my face and witness each Team Myles mate give of themselves as they put one foot in front of the other and emotionally supported those around them.
In this dark time, I saw my friend surrounded by hundreds of people, each an individual who cares and grieves with and for her. We will provide her with the support she is going to need in the dark hours and months and years ahead. In the midst of this, I saw my friend smile when it must have been the most difficult thing in the world to do.
This is the life each of us is given and with all its hardships, we are blessed to have it. My friend is blessed to have her children, an eternal legacy of the love she had and that will be with her throughout her life. She is blessed to be here for them.
Embrace each day you have.

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