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Grateful | Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon: Team Myles


Here I am. 2 runs in with Team Myles. I cannot think of the words to describe how incredibly grateful I am for this opportunity. I am pretty sure I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, and again, and again!!!

I have already formed many friendships. Had sooooo many laughs. Felt so inspired. I cannot even begin to explain how much easier running can be, when you have wonderful people to do it with!!!

Today we did 2:1s… Which is 2 minutes of running and then 1 minute of walking. It was Ah-maz-ing. We could not ask for better weather. It was the most perfect day! The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and each and every one of my fellow ambassadors had smiles on their faces!!! It was great. I always hear “professional” runners go on about the zone, After the first 5,10 minutes you get to a point where it takes no effort at all to run. I got there today. I’ve always had a “zone” when I ran. But what happened today. Oh it was better. It was way better. I felt as though I was running on clouds. Like. For real!!! I was actually super sad when the run was done!!!! I wanted to keep going and going and going!!!!! I was loving it. I was loving life. And I was up on cloud #9 (ha!ha!)

I had so much fun today. It is 100 times better when you have a running buddy….what’s even better is I get to have 30+ running buddies!!!🥰

So we start hills training on Wednesday… To say I’m a nervous wreck it would be true. If it’s anything I dislike while running. It’s the hills. The hills break me. There is a hill at the end of my run I do at home. I have yet to make it up. The last time I went for a run, I pushed myself. Like. Super hard. I really wanted to make it up to where the construction site was. I didn’t make it. I had to stop. I felt like I was about to throw up. It was awful. So yeah. Me and hills….we don’t mingle!! So I say I am super nervous about hills training…but at the same time, I’m excited and maybe kinda little looking forward to it. I am excited to start training my body to conquer these hills at last. The real way. How it’s supposed to be done. I taught myself how to run. And I went in it headstrong. First made it to 3 minutes non stop. Then 5. Push for 10. 15. Not gradual at all. That is why I am so excited to be here. To get this training.

I am just so full of joy thinking of all the beautiful people who put their time into this amazing program. We are so incredibly lucky to have these people, their services and advice, their leadership, their encouragement. Thank you. Thank you to everyone who is or was involved in the making of Team Myles. You are already changing my life. And it’s only week 1.

Here I am again, rambling. Not even sure if anyone actually takes the time to read this far down!!!!

I’ll cut it off here. I’m extremely tired. After the run, then had to work, then had mommy duties. I’m beat. But it’s a good beat. I feel so good tonight. I’m happy. I’m content. I’m proud. I’m so full of joy.

Can’t wait to see everyone again on Wednesday!! We are so going to give ‘er!!!!!!!!!

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