Freaking out

So I did my first run with team Myles two weeks ago, I was nervous but excited I started out thinking I wasn’t going to be able to do this, kept going ended up I was following Nicole! We turned at 15 minutes and headed back I thought ok there were a lot of hills coming so shouldn’t be bad going back it would be downhill, nope somehow there were inclines finally saw water , that’s when I realized they weren’t trying to lose me 😜 made it back in one piece!
Hills! What can I say we do t get along! My first hill night it was freezing cold, off we go around the road see the stairs up we go I think holy crap I can’t do this. I continue around the top of the hill I am starting to fade almost all the way around and I slowed down then I started to walk I am in my hard starting to panic it is getting dark I think I am alone, I don’t do well in the dark lol then I hear come in you got this almost there it was Heather Bennett pushing me to fight to the end, let me tell you I needed that push! We get to the bottom of the hill then up, down, up, down it was the longest 10 minutes of my life! But we did it! Looking forward to getting to know everyone better. Joined GoodLife Saturday because of the snow went today did the dreadmill and some weights!
Sorry I am not very good at this lol

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