Congratulations you are all runners now!

Last night was the 1st official run with Team Myles 10km Group, and I would say we not only crushed our run- because we are all officially runners now- but we also got the opportunity to crush our fears about running with a very motivational talk by the original dime herself Jill Payne.

I am not going to lie, before I even left my house for the nights run I was complaining about a few things

  1. It was cold- even though it was actually quite nice out
  2. I was tired and did not want to run whatsoever

However, I still put my big girl pants on and got my booty out the door, and turns out- it was not too cold and the run actually woke me up!

Once we finished out 20 minutes of 1:1 we headed back to Lifemark to listen to what Jill Payne who had lots to say to us. However, the were few key things really stood out to me from this talk

  1. That we need to stop thinking about the worst-case scenario and start to think about the best-case scenario instead.
  2. B.F.D- Be an F***ing DIME!
  3. If you can go to bed being proud of yourself, then you are doing great

By the end of Jill’s talk, she definitely help me change my attitude, and put a smile on my face. Jill noted that every single one of us who is part of Team Myles has made an amazing step my starting to make a change in our lives, but we have to change is our mindset and train our brains to believe that we can do any darn thing we put our minds to!

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