Building myself up.

Two weeks into training with Team Myles, I am getting to know some wonderful people and trying not to be so hard on myself. I am definitely my own worst enemy.
I know that running hills is definitely going to make me stronger. However Saturday I was feeling discouraged, so I dragged myself out to the COLT trail because I wanted to remind myself I wasn’t getting slower I was just challenging myself by doing more difficult things. Sometimes a girl needs a flat run to build herself up.
I started out a little unsure but 10 minutes in I was feeling so much better. Turning around at 18 minutes thinking it would Take me a little longer to get back.
A group of runners were close behind me, thanks to my stubbornness I pushed hard to keep them there, they eventually passed me but the challenge was fun.
I finished this run feeling fantastic and not only because my watch was reading 36 minutes.

A lot of people think I run because it helped me lose weight a few years ago. What I don’t think non runners will ever get is that running does way more for my mental health then they will ever understand.

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