A Week Before The First Run

a week before – time to start to not be sedentary again.

A million years ago, I ran, and while weight was a struggle, i was doing 5k’s in less than 25 minutes and could never get my 10k much below an hour. Then the a knee issue happened (not related to running). For the last 10 years, i really haven’t done much activity at all. Now that i’m older and hopefully a little more mellow and wiser (lol), times won’t mean much and it will just become mainly a habit and a lifestyle.

Over the last few years ,daughter joined team myles and stays active in it, last year my better 1/2 joined and now she’s back as a mentor (different pod, and i’m sure thats much better for everyone, lol).

What makes this resonate with me is not any one persons accomplishment (although everyone has done beyond great), its seeing them get together, stay in touch, run, support each other ……………… and other than people tracking their time and sure, keeping track of PB’s, etc., it’s more about just getting out there and keeping going.

so while today is the starting point and it was a 1/2 hour walk on the treadmill going just over 2km, it’s the beginning and something to measure things including times, but so much more than that as well.

for the rest of the participants, hopefully it is not just me who is nervous as heck about not keeping up and where you fall in with everyone else….. have a great week.


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