Training week 1

We have now completed our first run of training! I can almost hear the cheers of the finish line already!

Sunday I started out so strong I was keeping up with Nicole. For those not in the know, Nicole has completed a marathon and runs regularly as well as being one of our mentors. She is usually found at the front of the pack and I usually don’t see her unless it is at the beginning or end of a run. I knew I was in trouble when I was keeping up with her the first kilometer or two. What kind of trouble? I was going too fast and I was going to wear myself out.

One of the hardest things I ever had to learn in running was how to pace myself. What is pacing? It is running at a consistent speed, or as close as you can get to consistent. So running really fast at the beginning was a good sign that I was going to be going SLOW for the last half of the run.

Why was I going so fast? I was excited to see everyone, excited to start training, and had great fuel in a healthy breakfast and kale smoothie on the way to the run. I was up and READY to do this.

The last half of the run was rough, I pulled back my speed, took my time, ran a bit with Carlee and generally reminded myself that it’s not in how fast I finished it is that I came and ran.

Fast forward to Tuesday easy run. It was cold. COLD. I took the easier route and headed to an indoor track close to my house. It takes some getting used to the spring in the track and in going around in circles. I want to keep up with the fast people and I want to run fast. It feels great! Until I cannot breathe and want to stop. Not a great way to complete a run. So I focused right in front of me and set my phone to do intervals. It was on one of the walking intervals that I saw one of the #Lifemark coaches!

It’s a rest day today and tomorrow is hill night. We are expecting snow, which is pretty normal for a hill night. LOL I’ll have to bundle up as it is COLD out there but hill night calls!

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