New Team, New Adventure!

In less than a week we will be meeting up at 9am, in the cold, possibly in the snow or rain, at Point Pleasant Park for our first run. With that run, we will start our 16 week training, I couldn’t be more excited!

Last year after the meet and greet at Tempo, I thought this maybe isn’t for me. This is too much social interaction. This is a team, you like to do things on your own Alex, why did you sign up for this? They said everyone runs the 10k, doesn’t matter if you signed up thinking you’d do just the 5k. THIS ISN’T FOR YOU.

A year later, multiple 5k and 10k runs in, a 15k, a 1/2 marathon, and a collective of 150k ran in November for Movember, PLUS a family of runners. IT WAS FOR YOU.

Now I’m back with Team Myles as a Mentor! On a brand new training team for the Blue Nose Half Marathon. Launch night at Tempo was completely different! I was happy, and comfortable talking to people I didn’t know. At ease with pushing through my anxieties in social situations.

Team Myles is a family, and so I feel extremely comfortable talking to the ambassadors regardless of just meeting most of them for the first time; because of that I was happy to open up to many of them about my journey to this point. As well, being able to listen to them and here what has brought them to Team Myles, we were able to find common ground :) which was so comforting and confirming. SUCH a difference to my first launch night.

Team Myles has me PUMPED to watch all of the ambassadors, that had nerves and doubts about their ability, push through it and use those nerves to reach goals; even on our first run this coming Sunday.

Like I said when I applied to be a Mentor, they do all the physical work, we just help with the mind. We get to be their biggest cheerleaders! I am TRULY excited to get this Team Myles adventure started!

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