My Favorite Team!

Being accepted to come back this year as a mentor for the ½ marathon team is such an honor! This program significantly changed my life last year and I’m excited to tag along as a new group of ambassadors goes on this incredible journey!

When I woke up on January 1, 2018 I was the heaviest that I had ever been (aside from pregnancy) and I was extremely unhappy about that. I was ready for change. Ready to put the effort in, ready to stop living a sedentary lifestyle and ready to see results! I officially had a new year’s resolution………and the best part, is that I kept it! It wasn’t just a resolution that had vanished before January ended. Team Myles allowed me to achieve my fitness goals and now running is just a regular part of my weekly routine. I started 2018 completely sedentary and ended 2018 by doing a Christmas marathon challenge- where you run a full marathon over the week of Christmas break. What change a year can bring!

 So, one year later, the reasons why I love Team Myles are endless. I’m healthier- both physically and mentally, I am down 25lbs, I have a running family of all the wonderful Team Myles Alumni, and this program continues to motivate me to continue to push myself and continue to crush my goals! Fitness goal for 2019 is to run 3 half marathon races!

 My involvement with Team Myles has also had a positive impact on my 5 year old daughter (Annabelle). When I started the program, I had major “mom guilt” and worried about the amount of time that I would need to be committed to running and exercise. Time that I normally would have been with my two young kids. To my surprise, my daughter instantly became very interested in the entire process. Asking lots of questions about how far we were running and why we practice on hills. She referred to me as “Team Myles” for months and frequently wore my Team Myles shirts. She was only 4 at the time, but she was proud! Proud that her mom was part of a running team! She then started getting me to run 1km with her each night and she is so excited to run the 2km kids run at Blue Nose this June! She however does not seem to be as big of a fan of participation medals as me though- frequently questioning why I keep getting medals if I didn’t actually win the race? HaHa!

 This week is “winter fun week” at Annabelle’s school and tomorrow is Team day, where all the kids are encouraged to wear their favorite Teams jersey to school. Annabelle has asked to wear a Team Myles shirt to school. The kid has good taste, Team Myles is by far my favorite team too!


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