Here we go again! Doubling KM though

Well, here we are a year later and it is absolutely amazing how the experience keeps giving every single day.

I waited with baited breathe for the day applications would open up to apply to be a mentor. I applied on my work computer as soon as the notification was sent.

Why was I so eager to apply? Why did I want to mentor? Why did I want to open up to another group of people and be raw and emotional again?

Because…………………………. I QUIT. I quit Team Myles on training day 5. I was on a run and all alone struggling. I sat down on a bench and sat that is it I can’t do this it is too hard. I was stretching out my legs when a mentor came by. I told her I quit. She convinced me to just finish this run with her. If, it’s going to be my last she wanted me to do it with her. I said okay.

This is the day I ran a full 23 minutes without stopping. It is the day I took the video of myself crying like a baby. The day started out the worst/hardest day I had had in a long time and ended one of my best, all because a mentor was right there behind me.

That mentor provided the extra push I needed to let the fire inside of me shine and grow bigger than I ever thought it could be.

I am going to be that mentor. That mentor is the reason I succeeded, stayed with the program and why I fell in love with myself again and running for the first time.

I applied to be a mentor because I want to be this person for someone somewhere. I want to ignite the fire in someone else and watch it grow and shine bright.

I am this mentor for our ambassadors.

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