Early bird gets the worm

It is now almost a week after the kick off and I am a mix of excited and terrified. Don’t get me wrong, I know a I can do this. I mean I could crawl over the finish line but I want to be able to run over that finish line like a champ.

So in the spirit of not letting our first run on February 17th as a team get me worked up, I went for a run on my own the day after the kick off.

This is what a I wrote the day after:

I decided to go out for a run today as it was going to be freezing rain the next day. I’m glad I did as it was a world of ice the next morning. I did not have a goal distance or time but I knew I wanted to run some of the hills around my house in honour of the upcoming Thursday night hill training. So I bundled up, it’s winter but thankfully not cold like out west right now, and headed out. I recently lost my running watch, *sob*, and so I set my phone and, since the clock was running, started out. 

My area is all hills so I started with a gentle decline that runs into an incline. Running up that hill, I passed the place that I normally stop to walk and thought “I’m good to keep going”. I got to the top and thought “you’ve earned this downhill!”. Then I took a break as I decided where to go next. Come back up the way I came (steep hill), or go for the long slow incline. I went for the long slow incline. My calves burned. I had to stop at one point to try and stretch them out. I told myself I couldn’t do it. I stopped. I mentally yelled at myself that I could. “It’s ok to slow down but you’re so close to the top to stop running now!” So I ran to the top, then the reward is too run down. I love running down the hill. When I reach the bottom I walk a little to rest then start up again. 

I got to the final street and it goes up then tapers down. I looked at that hill and swore. Cause this was a great idea to run hills tonight right? Of course it was! The weather was pretty balmy and I GOT OUT and DID IT! So I ran up the hill. Talked my way into my reward and, knowing I had less than half a kilometre to go, ran to the end.

I’ll be honest, I didn’t think I would make it that far. I also got over eager at one point and thought I would run twice as much. But I was tired from work, knowing I’m doing another 7.5km on Saturday with friends, I knew I was tired and adjusted.  But I did it. 

You could say, “Heather, you’re training for a half marathon, you should be able to do 5km easy!” No my friends, that is not always the case and that is why I am training. I’ve been there when a 5km is pretty easy. I’ve been there when the 10km is pretty easy. But a half takes good mental coaching. Being positive about what you can do even when you finish and your body is screaming. So my goal, besides training, is no matter the run, to find something positive. 

This run was I am so proud of talking myself through those hills. I want to keep that up.

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