What are you most passionate about?

Today we did speed dating at work and it was facilitated by our HR Team !  There were 18 leaders in a room, 9 seated on the bench seat and 9 of us standing across from them. There were 4 questions written on the board in the room. We had two minutes with each person, one minute for us to answer the questions and one for us to learn about the person we were across from.

The questions were great, a nice variety so you could get to know a little about your coworkers, who would you most like to have dinner with dead or alive, what would your dream job be and most embarrassing thing you have ever done. Great questions and I did learn so much about everyone but the last question actually caused me to learn the most about myself and this journey I am on.

For those of you that know me I am not someone who tends to do things for myself.  I do things for my children, my boyfriend, my team, pretty much everyone but myself.  This past few weeks I have felt a shift in that, I have started to do things for me, early morning yoga, meeting with our dietician Amanda and actually following the plan she is helping me with.  All these things for me.  And then the last question today, What are you most passionate about?  What am I most passionate about?

Normally some thing like volunteering, or my family, my work would be my go to answer.  But today I said me. I am most passionate about me and this journey I am on. I am loving the journey, I am loving the results, I am loving me. So I told person after person about my journey, our team and how passionate I am. It was amazing to say the words I never say.  To really brag about myself. Why is it we feel like it’s a bad thing.  We are rocking this.

Everyone should take a few minutes to congratulate themselves, to brag to people about their journey.  We are inspiring others but I think we are also inspiring ourselves week after week and run after run.

I am passionate about me!

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