Visioning the Finish Line

When I first started this journey I was convinced that I would only be doing the 5km race; the thought of doing the 10km scared me and really I believe I lacked the desire to do so at the time. One of my gym friends told me to go with the mindset that I would be doing the 10km and then every one of the mentors for Team Myles said that we would end up doing the 10km. My inner voice wanted to doubt every last bit of that, thankfully that voice didn’t win.

Tonight running Point Pleasant in the rain with some amazing Team Myles ladies in the park with me as inspiration, I found a way to push through over 9km. Admittedly the last 1/2 of the second loop I did, I was having a hard time coaching myself through and silencing the inner voice. Then, I started to think about the journey of these past two months of running, how I knew I was getting closer to that 10km goal and how race day wasn’t as daunting.

The one image that came to my head in visioning the finishing line was knowing my cousin Lorraine is going to be there as she is one of the Team Myles mentors. I visioned our hug at the finish line and that helped me pick up my pace and finish out that last half of the loop. I thought of how proud Lorraine’s Dad and my Mom would be to know that their daughters are sharing in this journey together; and how proud they would be of us.

Now that we are finally in the month of May, I am excited for race day, I am excited for the finish line to celebrate and share tears with each and every one of you.

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