Training Done!

So Saturday and Sunday were our last long runs! We ran the full route both days, and it was pretty empowering. I opted to do both days, because I knew I’d screw it up some how. Luckily I did, because I missed a good portion of the dartmouth route on Saturday. When I finished at 53mins, I knew that was too fast of a time, haha. So on Sunday I did the right route, with a time of 57mins!

My goal of below 60mins on race day is in sight! We had perfect weather for both days, so fingers crossed for race day we get some of the same.

I can’t believe how fast this has all flown by. Time flies when your having fun?! Who knew I’d be saying that about running, definitely not high school Alex.

The next week consists of taking it easy, doing some short runs, and lot’s of Team Myles bonding! I think im going to pack in a few Moksha yoga sessions as well, to stretch me out, and engage my core, while I give my legs a rest.

Now it is down to fine tuning my running playlist, choosing what to wear on the big day, and a little bit of mental prep.

Most of my cross training and runs outside of the group have been done at the gym at Delta Halifax, often with no one else there, or at most 2 other people. The crowds on race day are starting to give me a little anxiety, so I’m getting a playlist of upbeat, loud songs, that I can tune it all out and power through.

I’m sure on race day the crowds will give me the energy to keep going, like everyone says, but for now I find it a daunting idea.

All the physical training that will make a difference is done. It’s now about mind over matter!

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