Three days away!

It’s the last week of Team Myles training, and we’re only three days out from the Blue Nose. I have a lot of big changes in my personal life (a new job and a cross-country move!), so the Team Myles schedule has been a welcome break from calling movers and trying to sell off my extra stuff. Making time for running usually starts to peter out when I’ve got anything major going on, so the accountability of the team and the timing of the race is great. I know I wouldn’t be out running and walking without it.

The weather isn’t looking great for Sunday morning, but we did a 10k in the rain only a few weeks ago and managed it, so I know we can do it again. My time might not be as good as I wanted, and maybe it won’t feel as effortless as I want, but I know I can cover the distance. And then get to hear about how everyone else did!

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