The flu may have got the best of me this year, but I’ll be back…

Well this is not quite the pre-race evening that I had imagined. Instead of enjoying a fun day with Team Myles and a night in Halifax, I am in bed with my gatorade and Netflix trying to recover from this nasty flu.

I am trying to stay positive and remind myself of all the things I have gained from Team Myles. Yes, race day is the big finale and our time to shine, but Team Myles offered much more than that. Team Myles got me out and moving. We ran in the snow, ice, and rain. I would never have been out in those conditions on my own. I’ve met many wonderful and encouraging people throughout this experience. Over the past 10 weeks I have become a stronger runner both physically and mentally and I don’t plan on giving up on that anytime soon!

Although I won’t be crossing the finish line tomorrow, I am proud of the accomplishments I have made throughout this experience.

Watch out Blue Nose, I will be back to cross that finish line!

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