Race Week


Race Day is soon going to be here, exactly 4 more sleeps !!

This journey has made believe in myself again. Every week I had the dreaded drive on Sunday mornings that I would not be able to keep up with the team. How would I ever recover in one minute after running a minute, then two and so on up until I hit the 10-minute run/ 1 minute walk. On Sunday being able to complete the route with my Mentor Nicole Mauger and Team Myles 2018 team was an amazing feeling and I truly expected to shed a few tears, but I did not. However, it was Mother’s Day and when my daughter and Team Myles Mentor Christina Devine completed the route I did need to wipe away the tears, it was a “proud Momma Moment”.

For the past 8 years I have tried numerous times to get back into running and failed each time. This time was different with the support of Team Myles I reached my goal. There are so many people that I need to say, “thank you” to, my daughter Christina, for encouraging me to apply and supporting me to do this, Nicole Mauger, for being my awesome Mentor and inspiring me to look at future running events. The entire Team Myles 2018 team, coaches, mentors and ambassadors for your encouragement and support, it truly has meant a lot. To my husband Lacy, for coming out Sunday mornings and getting great photos of the Team, we will cherish them forever.


Sunday morning will soon be here and we have all done an amazing job preparing for this 10KM race. We will wear our T-shirts proud and hold our heads high, while in our heads we will say “Team Myles Rocks, Team Myles Rolls, Team Myles Ready to Reach their Goals”

Again thank you to everyone from the bottom of my heart



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